A Fresh Look

Welcome to our latest version of VoiceThread.

Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work updating and upgrading VoiceThread. As you poke around, if something strikes you as particularly interesting, something doesn’t work as expected, or something just doesn’t work at all, please don’t hesitate to let us know via email from the ‘Contact Us’ link in the above navigation bar or from the ‘Feedback’ link within the application’s ‘Help’ menu. We’ve also implemented a forum for discussions and a place for you to get your questions answered.

Here’s what’s new on VoiceThread:

  • Redesigned browsing, creating content and account management functionalities
  • Upload more media types to your VoiceThreads: PowerPoints (PPTPPS), Adobe Documents (PDF), Word Documents (DOC), Excel Spreadsheets (XLS) and videos
  • Seamless Facebook image importing directly to your VoiceThreads
  • View VoiceThreads in a full screen presentation mode
  • Integrated rotate and crop tool for uploading pictures for identity management
  • Control the amount of pause between the pages of your VoiceThreads in play mode
  • New informational site, complete with the forum

We’ll be keeping both versions of VoiceThread running in parallel for some time, this version which we’re calling ‘fresh’ and the previous version, ‘classic’. As soon as ‘fresh’ is thoroughly tested, with your help of course, it will be hosted at VoiceThread.com with a link to ‘classic’. Be on the lookout for more updates and new features, we’ve got lots on the way.