Video Doodling, webcam

We’d like to introduce you to a couple new features on VoiceThread.

Video Doodling

VoiceThread’s Video Doodling feature allows you to control the playback of a video as you comment using a microphone or webcam; giving you the power to voice comment over specific portions of video. It allows you to move to a specific segment, doodle while you’re there, then move to highlight another segment, all while leaving your comment. See it in action!

Video comments with a webcam

If you’ve got a webcam on or hooked to your computer, simply click on the webcam icon (to the left of record) and capture video from your webcam, as your comment. Free accounts include 30 minutes of use, while Pro users have unlimited access to this feature.

Other additions:

  • Control whether VoiceThreads open in fullscreen mode by default (handy for presentations)
  • Allow others to right-click-download original image and document files (Pro users)
  • Hide the final share page (Pro users)
  • RSS feeds: for MyVoice new comments, the Browse page and Blog

And on the not-so-distant horizon, we’ve got a bunch more exciting features slated for release. New functionalities might just include: another compelling way of commenting on VoiceThreads, the ability to take VoiceThreads with you for offline or archival use, and accessing VoiceThread content from devices other than your personal computer. We’re big fans of accessibility and are working to ensure VoiceThread is available to the widest range of people and devices. Stay tuned.